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We Are Doomed 4/2/21

Four-piece Psychedelic Doom outfit Indica Blues from Oxford, recently released their new single, and today's Video Of The Day, ‘Scarred For Life’, ahead of their second album, ‘We Are Doomed’, which is set for release next Friday 12th February via APF Records. Once described as "bong filling Rock that is platinum heavy, but blessed with a melodic sensibility underneath it all," the band’s unique sound has garnered fans across the world since their formation in 2014. Consisting of Andrew Haines-Villalta - bass, Tom Pilsworth - guitar, vocals, John Slaymaker - guitar and Rich Walker- drums, 'We Are Doomed' imagines a catastrophic very-near-future scenario in which current world events lead to all-out war and nuclear annihilation.

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