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Water Rats Arielle 20/8/19

Classic Rock Folk guitarist and singer-songwriter Arielle, from Austin, Texas, will be playing London's Water Rats this Friday 23rd August. Arielle recently completed a two-month headline tour of the US, following her eighth music release, 'Suspension/Dimension'. In 2018, her independently released EP 'Mind Lion' was featured on over 11 Billboard charts for eight weeks. Arielle studied at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood at age 17, as well as London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. She also appeared in the 2008 West End London production of 'We Will Rock You' as a guitar player, hired by Brian May. Indeed her signature guitar “Arielle” will be released by Brian May Guitars in early 2020. The guitar, co-designed with May, is based on Arielle’s handmade Two-Tone guitar which she built when she was 16 years old.

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