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Watch The World Burn 23/11/21

Created in the mind of singer songwriter/multi instrumentalist Brian Troch, My Infected Soul has a very dark Industrial/Rock/Metal/Rave/Djent vibe with peaks and valleys, which take the listener on a very emotionally intense ride, as illustrated by their first single release, 'Watch The World Burn', which is today's Video Of The Day. Following the departure of Troch's life long friend and singer songwriter Jeff Vincent, producer/composer and orchestrator/orchestra leader Spencer Creaghan stepped in to team up with Brian to help co-write, form and round out the sound of the project. Indeed, Creaghan’s orchestration is absolutely amazing and captures the feelings of Troch’s complex heart and mind to an absolute sublime level, that takes you from anger to sadness/beauty/hope/destruction/finality and demise.


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