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Waiting For Monday 5/2/20

Waiting For Monday is a Melodic Rock band formed by Los Angeles based singer Rudy Cardenas and guitarist/vocalist August Zadra who release their eponymous debut album next Friday 14th February, including 'End Of A Dream', today's Track Of The Day. Brought to the attention of Frontiers by Jeff Scott Soto, the label moved quickly to sign them based on their decidedly modern approach to the chart topping melodies of the likes of Journey, Styx and Foreigner. Originally from Venezuela, Cardenas is an incredible vocal talent. His pipes carried him all the way to the finals of American Idol and he has been heard on numerous TV shows and movies. Zadra is best known for handling lead guitar and vocal duties in the solo band of iconic singer Dennis DeYoung. Guitar playing has been a passion since his teens and has taken him from Fairbanks, Alaska to Hollywood, California, where he has been in the music scene for two decades and is often sought out as a guitarist/vocalist collaborator for recording projects. The band line-up is completed by Walter Ino (guitar and keyboards), Eric Baines (bass) and Joe Travers (drums).

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