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Vote Now - Video Of The Year 15/12/21

In February, rising, incendiary Los Angeles native guitar maverick, Derek Day, released his wide sweeping and operatic single, ‘Fine Lines’, with today's visceral and hypnotising accompanying Video Of The Day, which is one of our six nominees in our 2021 WRC Video Of The Year award. While the song kicks off with a bright, full sound with yearning lyrics, it never settles into the simple repeating chorus structure one might expect. Instead, it embraces a baroque, emotive shape that continues to build as it goes, ending up closer in scope to that of Queen who Derek is a lifelong fan of. Simply choose your favourite(s) here from each of the lucky thirteen categories provided, and hit the vote button. You have until midnight 31st December to make your choice and only one vote per category per e-mail address is allowed.


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