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Voodoo Room Album Review 2/6/21

"Blues music was originally created by African Americans in the early 20th century and is regularly referred to as the devil's music with its singers expressing feelings rather than just telling stories. Voodoo Room does just this with 'Tension City Blues', culminating age old Blues prophecies with just enough riffs to carry you off, without losing you to inconsistency or musical complication. Writing with the ease of a band crafting for many years, the accomplished first original release from this band is a true pleasure, with easily understood vocals necessary for fully appreciating this style of music, as Blues is all about the telling of the story."

Check out today both Di Foxy's complete take on Voodoo Room's first original album, 'Tension City Blues', released on Grooveyard Records at the end of November last year, plus check out today's Video Of The Day.

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