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Vodun Ascends 26/8/18

Ascend' is the second album by the glorious UK afro-inspired and insurrectionary Heavy Power-Rock trio Vodun, due to be released on Friday 7th September by New Heavy Sounds. It's ten slabs of ground-flattening, groove-inflected, righteous, soulful and spiritual revolution Rock and mystic heaviness, driven by the afro-inspired dervish drums of Zel Kaute (interpreting the spirits of Ogoun), the roaring, fierce chromium guitars of Linz Hamilton (The Marassa) and fronted by the fire-breathing howl of frontwoman Chantal Brown (formally of Invasion, Chrome Hoof and Do Me Bad Things), delivering you the truth of generations with a drive and focus that can’t be matched. Check out today's Video Of The Day for their new single 'Spirits Past'.

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