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Virgin Territory 24/10/18

American New Wave Of Heavy Metal legends Virgin Steele have confirmed the release of a very special 5CD box set, ‘Seven Devils Moonshine’, containing two ‘Best Of’ CD’s and three CD’s crammed with new music alongside a 24 page booklet, plus sticker (of the album cover), on Steamhammer/SPV on Friday 23rd November. Vocalist David DeFeis, who founded Virgin Steele in 1981, elucidates: "I wish to stress the fact that what we have done here with our Box Set is include 3 brand new albums, not bundle in merely a collection of old bonus tracks we had hanging around for ages and ages… These 3 new discs contain either brand new original songs written and recorded within just these past few months, or brand new re-written covers of songs that we enjoy and felt could be re-cast in the VS style, or…new recordings of classic VS material done either in a special orchestral type setting or stripped way down and re-imagined in vastly different form. I don’t know if anyone has ever done this kind of thing before, but we felt that for us it was absolutely necessary to do this, and it makes perfect sense for where we are…at this moment."

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