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Video Nasties Dominion 30/1/20

Recently signed to APF Records – on Halloween last year no less - Video Nasties release their debut album 'Dominion’ on Friday 13th March, basically a record of Heavy Metal, horror themed John Carpenter worship, and their latest single, ‘Drone Eagle’, is today's Track Of The Day. The quintet formed in 2017, comprised of some of Liverpool's finest heavy exports in The Bendal Interlude, SSS, Magpyes and Iron Witch, mixing Death Metal with Punky and Thrashy undertones, creating something morbidly macabre and devilishly debauched. Video Nasties are content to lurk no more; get ready for their slasher soundtrack to rip your eardrums to pieces, plus live dates at Bolton's Alma Inn (free entry) tomorrow night and their album launch show at Liverpool's Sound Food and Drink on Saturday 14th March.

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