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Vex Red Islington Academy Review 9/3/20

"After a bit of banter from Terry with the assembled troops, the band played 'I Am Weightless', a Septembre cover and a real express train of a track, before returning back to 'GMTD' and the thoughtful and relentless 'Burn This Place' (also a 2016 single), with its Thirty Second To Mars vibe, cool keys, great harmonies and a military drum roll, all emphasising a rich Academy sound system. With the added weight of the infectious 'Tarantula' (the first single I heard off of 'GMTD'), Abbott's introduction of closer 'Can't Smile' from 'SWASAPD' that "You might know this song - fingers crossed" was received with shrieks of delight as the crowd favourite was explosively despatched with an emotional intensity, unwavering precision plus a fitting singalong."

Today read the whole of AJ's take on Vex Red and support band's Soeur O2 Islington Academy, London gig from Saturday 29th February here plus check out our Photo Gallery here.

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