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Vega Album Review 28/4/20

"A sequenced guitar build up leads into ‘This One’s For You’, then on to, for mine, the other stand out song that comes in the form of ‘Battles Ain’t No War’. In a more down tempo mode, it shows the excellent depth in the band’s song writing and has the feel of a film score about it!"

Today read another one of our self-isolating album reviews, as Geoff C. this time gives you his take here on Vega's new CD 'Grit Your Teeth', which is due to be released on Friday 12th June, plus check out our Track Of The Day of their latest single '(I Don’t Need) Perfection'. Remember, if you are currently kicking your heels and you fancy doing a self-isolation CD review, then don't be shy, just e-mail us at


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