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Vambo Interview 17/6/21

"Their closing track - a copy of Deep Purple's 'Burn' - showcases what final vocal talents he has. You don't cover such iconic Rock tracks like that lightly and he nailed it. I would have been happy just to have seen that but their short set was full of their own excellent material, including 'Fast Car' and their new single 'Why, Why, Why' which is getting some considerable radio airplay. With bassist James Scott completing the DM booted front of stage and drummer Steve Price driving the whole ensemble from behind the kit, they are an excellent addition to the festival and, probably the best band of the two stages today. Yes, they are that good. Another of my must see again bands." That was part of our 2018 Stone Free Festival Vambo review, and we were lucky enough to catch up with the guys after their explosive set which is today's Podcast Of The Day.


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