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Vambo Burn 9/7/20

"Fast Car' was followed by a stonking Zep medley including 'Good Times Bad Times' plus 'Moby Dick', before Steve Price, on his Mapex drum kit, and bassist James Scott kept the powerful groove going on the "Sliverish" sounding 'Down Little' Mama'. After Jack's retrospective slapped wrist, for his tour announcement faux pas, they closed with one final original 'Total Jeopardy' (not their latest single 'World of Misery' surpisingly), before they finished the set with "their favourite song" - Deep Purple's 'Burn' - the band well and truly nailing this classic with their Hungarian axeman showing off his chops credentials one final time. A great young band, with their debut album set to be released this year, the writing is very much on the wall. Vambo Rules!" That was part of our take on Vambo at London's Boston Music Room just under a year ago, and this week the guys have released their live rendition of Deep Purple's 'Burn', which is today's Track Of The Day.

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