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Valley Queen's Supergiant 28/11/18

Valley Queen (Track Of The Day) will see their highly anticipated debut album, 'Supergiant' released in early 2019. Valley Queen formed in 2011 and after a series of singles, released their first EP in 2017 to widespread critical acclaim and toured so much to support it that two members quit citing exhaustion. Forging ahead with session players in tow, frontwoman Natalie Carol and bassist Neil Wogensen continued but when it came time to record what was to become 'Supergiant', the chemistry required simply wasn’t there. The blood sweat and tears that solidified the band in those formative years needed to be captured on record and after some soul searching, original guitarist Shawn Morones was back in the fold. New drummer Mike DeLuccia cemented the line up and the band hit the studio almost immediately. With their feet firmly planted in the Country and Southern Rock that Natalie has ingrained in her DNA from growing up in Arkansas and a healthy does of Indie Rock that ranges from Sonic Youth to Florence and The Machine, Valley Queen appeal to a very diverse range of fans. Valley Queen are preparing for a major US tour in February 2019 with plans to visit the UK and Europe by mid year.

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