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Universe In Reverse 27/9/18

Kaleb McKane’s spellbinding musical sojourns are explored in detail on his fresh 3-track EP titled 'Universe In Reverse' (today's Video Of The Day) that was released at the end of July. The tracks on the crowd-funded EP summarise Kaleb's perpetual state of nervous existence. The multi-instrumentalist singer (he plays a long-necked Stratocaster, a tailored Les Paul 1968 and his favourite: an acoustic Kinkade 1978 on the disc) is aided by drummer Dean Pearson, aka Denzel and Toshi Ogawa on bass (The Wildhearts). This EP absorbs and assimilates the most satisfying examples of Alt, Psychedelic and Prog Rock: the voodoo electric-energy of Hendrix, the genial sexuality of D'Angelo, the colourful extravagance of Prince and the guitar horniness of Mick Ronson. All this is velvet-wrapped in the type of flamboyant narcissism that Freddie Mercury would never be afraid to exploit.

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