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United $tate$ Of Anarchy 13/10/20

Legendary Thrash Metallers EvilDead, who formed in 1986 and released one riotous EP and two cranium crunching landmark albums before imploding in 1992, have reunited and re-signed to Steamhammer/SPV to release their stunning third album, ‘United $tate$ Of Anarchy’, on Friday 30th October. The US band's sound was unique, highlighting a blend of speed and Thrash Metal guitar riffs along with hyper drumming locked in with an over the top thundering bass with Punk overtones, complemented with lyrics that explored political, thought provoking social ideas, as well as horror and nuclear war themes. United $tate$ Of Anarchy’, which contains nine original new studio songs, plus a Metalised cover version of the B-52’s ‘Planet Claire’, is a a collection of vital tracks that are a throwback to their roots of Thrash, returning more powerful than ever, and have reawakened again to annihilate the masses.