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Underworld Photo Gallery 4/9/19

With a review to come, today check out our Photo Gallery here (courtesy of Bruce Biege and Ivan De Mello) of Enuff Z'nuff and Last Great Dreamers London Underworld gig on Monday night. Following their appearance at Sheffield's O2 Academy's HRH Sleaze III the night before, Enuff Z'nuff returned to Camden following the band's previous gig this year at Lounge 666 on Valentine's Day. Initially the band's bass guitarist, since 2016 Chip Z’Nuff (Gregory Rybarski) has also taken on the role of lead vocals, supported by Tory Stoffregen (lead guitar and backing vocals), Ultravox’s Tony Fennell (rhythm guitar, keyboards and backing vocals) and Dan Hill (drums). Originally formed in Chicago in 1984, Enuff Z’Nuff have released no less than 14 studio albums over the years and naturally included their two biggest hits: the power Psychedelic ballad ‘Fly High Michelle’ and the trippy ‘New Thing’ in their set.


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