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Underground Rockstarz 11/6/23

Shaped by Swedish Punkish Hard Rock band Zitter's unique Vultureistic Beak n’ Roll, characterised by groovy riffs, combined with vocal and instrumental melodies, 'Underground Rockstarz', their latest single released last month, features razor-sharp guitars, a heavy bass and groovy drums, that lays the ground to the singalong-friendly lyrics of today's Video Of The Day. A tribute to all the hard struggling bands on the global underground Rock scene, Zitter invited eight bands from Stockholm to participate on the track. So watch as the lead vocals are shared between Fred Z (Zitter), Captain Dan (A Broken Frame), Jesse Leroy (Wrong Band) and Marcus Karnstedt (Dristeig), with acoustic drums performed by hard hitting Metal drummer Leffis Djerfsten (Dristeig), and a blistering guitar solo from Wrong Band's shredder Andy Rockson, plus a band megachoir comprising A Broken Frame, Blind By Dawn, Dristeig, Er:ia, Penny Gain, Skyrim, Tainted Black and Wrong Band.


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