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Under A Mediterranean Sky 22/1/21

Iconic guitarist Steve Hackett (see below), releases his new acoustic album 'Under A Mediterranean Sky' today via InsideOut Music, of which the third single from the album, ‘Sirocco’, is today's Video Of The Day. It's Steve's first acoustic solo album since 'Tribute' in 2008 and takes inspiration from Steve’s extensive travels around the Mediterranean with his wife Jo. Working closely with long-time musical partner Roger King, Hackett has used his time during 2020’s lockdown to take us on an extraordinary musical journey around the Mediterranean, painting vivid images of stunning landscapes and celebrating the diverse cultures of the region. Famed for his Rock roots with Genesis, and through his extensive solo catalogue, Hackett demonstrates the exquisite beauty of the nylon guitar at times venturing into the exotic ethnic and often supported by dazzling orchestral arrangements.


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