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Uncertain Times 14/10/20

Jakko M Jakszyk's enforced sabbatical from King Crimson has given him the opportunity to complete a new solo album, 'Secrets & Lies', due to be released next week on Friday 23rd October, of which the third single, ‘Uncertain Times’, has recently been released, complete with today's Video Of The Day featuring comedian Al Murray. 'Secrets & Lies' contains ten songs that balances sensitive writing, musical technique and accessible tunes cast in an impressively cinematic sound world. The result is a mature work brimming with yearning melodies in symphonic or widescreen settings, fluid guitar work, and Jakko’s heartfelt, emotional vocals. Jakszyk is joined by bandmates Robert Fripp, Gavin Harrison, Tony Levin and Mel Collins, as well as appearances from John Giblin (Peter Gabriel), Mark King (Level 42) and Peter Hammill (Van der Graff Generator).

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