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UFO Shepherd's Bush Empire Review 9/4/19

"The main set came to a close with the anthemic and killer 'Doctor Doctor' from the 1974 'Phenomenon' album. The intro build up to the main riff is tantalising, raising up the tension before exploding into life, exciting the senses as it chugs along like a juggernaut. A mosh pit developed down the front, just like the good old days! For the encore we got the excellent 'Shoot Shoot' from the 1975 'Force It' album. Time for more audience participation and moshing! At the end Moore descended the stage into the pit to allow the front row to strum his guitar. A great ending to a fantastic night of classic Heavy Rock."

Read the whole of Steven C. Gilbert's UFO Shepherd's Bush Empire gig review from last Thursday night here.

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