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Tuesday Rocks! 28/6/22

October 2020 saw the release of ‘Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt’, the fifth LP from The Great Affairs, and now, midway through 2022, the Nashville, Tennessee outfit, now with Corey “Rizzo” Rozzoni (Burden Bros.) on lead guitar, have commenced work on a follow up, as the new material finds the band delivering more of the Pop-infused Classic Rock stylings they’ve become known for, albeit with a slightly harder edge this time around, and on Friday 8th July, in advance of the full-length, the band are releasing their ‘StrangeLuv’ EP, which includes three remixes from the last album, featuring the current line-up, plus two versions of the title track, of which the sweet radio edit is one of today's six of the best 'Tuesday Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day, complemented by five further new and recent releases from Black Reuss, Vante, Celestial Wizard, Groom Epoch and Vice.


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