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Tragic Separation 20/10/20

'Tragic Separation', released earlier this month, is the tenth album by Italian Prog Metal masters DGM, of which the track, 'Flesh And Blood', is today's Video Of The Day. The new album was painstakingly put together over a year long process as the quintet pushed themselves well beyond the boundaries of their past work. The end result ticks all the boxes in their genre, with sweeping choruses, technical passages, lightning-fast fretwork, huge sounding vocals and bombastic transitions in spades, yet they have also added their own unique stamp. The additional attention to detail this time around emerges in phenomenal, carefully conceived tracks that encompass everything from traditional Prog Metal to a more Classic Hard Rock sound. DGM are not only the finest band of their type in Italy, but an astounding force to be reckoned with from anywhere.

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