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Tonight I Run 30/8/20

Today's Track Of The Day, 'Tonight I Run', is the title track from the debut EP, due to be released on Friday 18th September, from one of the industry’s go-to producers, Astræa. You’ll recognise her voice and production, as you’ll already know (and love) her voice from her version of ‘You’re Not Alone’ from the Lloyds Bank ad. ‘Tonight I Run’ is the culmination of years of hard work, including sold-out headline shows at London’s St Pancras Church and St James’ Church Piccadilly, and sees Astræa, for the first time, taking the time out to tell her own story. In telling the tale of her struggles with self-doubt and the obstacles she faces in the music industry, Astræa has crafted a near-perfect four-song collection of Electro-Pop which is both understated and exquisite - and brutally honest in its reflection of her own journey towards inner strength, emerging triumphant over adversity.


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