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Tommy Stewart Interview 15/7/21

Tommy Stewart from Black Doomba Records and Dyerwulf joins today's Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day to talk about and play his new release, 'Doomsday Deferred', plus there's also new releases from Ritual King, Part Chimp, Green Lung, Dukes-Lorenzo, Hanz Krypt, Gravehuffer, DayGlo Mourning, League of Corruption, Hour Of 13, Defleshed and Gutted, Bury Me Where I Fall, Battle of the Bands winners - Void of Apep, Carcass, The Age Of Ore, Antologi, Cynik Scald, Michael Fulkerson, and classics, by request, from Hallows Eve, Doomstress, Coffin Torture, Witchcross, Fear Factory, Coal Chamber, Meshuggah, Jason Aaron Wood and Rock N Roll Villain Society!

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