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Todd Rundgren 'Clearly Human' Tour 6/12/20

Legendary recording artist, producer, songwriter and tech pioneer, Todd Rundgren, has announced his 2021 'Clearly Human' virtual tour, featuring 25 performances, each geofenced and tailored to a different US city. With each performance emanating from a Chicago venue (the most convenient time zone to allow for 8pm show times in every market), the shows will be “localized” to give both the band and the fans a sense of place (e.g. local landmarks will appear on the video wall, catering for the band and crew will feature dishes associated with each city, etc). Emulating a traditional routing itinerary, the Clearly Human Tour will kick off Sunday 14th February 14 “in” Buffalo and wrap up Monday 22nd March “in” Seattle. Todd's band for the tour will feature Kasim Sulton (bass), Prairie Prince (drums), Eliot Lewis (keys), Gil Assayas (synth), Bruce McDaniel (guitar), Bobby Strickland (sax), Steven Stanley (Trombone), plus the erstwhile “Global Girls”: Michele Rundgren, Grace Yoo, and Ashle Worrick (background vocals).

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