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Toby And The Whole Truth 26/5/20

Today's Video Of The Day is the premier lyric video for Toby Jepson's lead single, 'I Won't Be With You', ahead of the re-issue of his debut album 'Toby and the Whole Truth - Ignorance Is Bliss' (25th anniversary remastered), that is due out on Friday 17th July. The song is a reflection of Toby's mindset during a turbulent period after the split of his former band Little Angels following 1993’s number one album ‘Jam’ and a final sold out show at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in 1994. Jepson has also launched a new podcast series, 'Toby and The Whole Truth', seeking to uncover the reality of what it means to live and work as a successful person in the real entertainment business, and his next guest is fellow Planet Rock DJ Wyatt Wendels.

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