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Time For A Miracle 16/9/20

Perfect Plan have capitalised on the acclaim afforded to their debut album, following the release at the beginning of this month of their latest album, 'Time For A Miracle' (Video Of The Day), and are fast becoming one of the leading Melodic Rock bands around. Sometimes the stars align to create exactly the right balance of talent within a group, and Perfect Plan is the perfect (pun intended) example of this: a superb singer, a well-oiled group of experienced players and great songwriting talent with a knack for unforgettable melodies and driving rhythms. ‘In And Out Of Love’ kickstarted the promotion of their 2018 debut album ‘All Rise’, and the band have returned with what is a major step forward. Opting for a heavier and more in your face sound, they have matured and achieved an outstanding balance of melody and energy that references the sound of both classic predecessors (Foreigner, Survivor, The Storm, Giant) plus Scandinavian AOR with a recognisable yet highly personal feel.


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