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Through The Mourning Woods 11/3/19

Last month, Left Hand Solution (Video Of The Day) released through their original Swedish Massproduktion label, an updated version of 'Through The Mourning Woods' - a sweet nightmare that combines sounds from their early Doom days and Goth elements of their later days which puts it all in a new context. Formed in 1991, they released three albums and toured Europe, USA and Canada and made a large impression with their unique take on Doom Metal for more than ten years. What made LHS so special was their combination of hard riffs, dark melodies and Mariana Frykman’s dark and beautiful voice. Being one of the early Metal bands with a female vocalist, their influence has been largely overlooked but their cult following has continued to grow. Later this year, there will be another release from the band - a compilation of previously unreleased tracks.

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