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Through Shaded Woods 13/9/20

Lunatic Soul, the solo studio music project of creator, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mariusz Duda, release their new solo album 'Through Shaded Woods’ on Friday 13th November through Kscope. As the lead singer of the hugely popular Prog Rock band Riverside, Lunatic Soul was created in 2008 as an opportunity for Duda to explore musical territories outside the Rock domain. 'Through Shaded Woods' is not only album # 7 for Lunatic Soul, but it's also a new opening for Duda, as he extends his musical explorations to include dark Scandinavian and Slavic Folk, and it's definitely their most refined and richest sounding album, following on from the heavily electronic sound of previous albums 'Fractured' and 'Under the Fragmented Sky'. Indeed, 'Through Shaded Woods' is completely devoid of electronics and is the first album in Duda’s discography, on which he plays all instruments.

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