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This Party's Over 21/9/20

Today's Video Of The Day is Fish's brand new single, ‘This Party’s Over’, the latest song to be taken from his highly anticipated final studio release, the solo double album, 'Weltschmerz', which will be released this Friday 25th September. ‘This Party’s Over’ is an honest and reflective song from Fish, which as he explains was inspired by, “when I started to become concerned about my drinking”. Having long been a renowned bon vivant, but in recent years changed his habits, the song mirrors this transformation with upbeat Folk-infused Rock focusing on the positives of change. The captivating video finds Fish performing the song, wine glass in hand, as animations come to life around him reflecting the lyrics of the track. It is an extraordinary piece of work that brings down the curtain on the Scotsman’s hugely successful musical career.

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