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This Crippling Space Between 25/7/21

Carol Hodge, who plays keyboards in Crass frontman Steve Ignorant’s band Slice Of Life, released today's Video Of The Day and her new single on Friday called ‘This’, an uplifting Rock anthem that packs a positive punch, from her forthcoming album, ‘The Crippling Space Between’, which is due out on Friday 24th September. Carol has also collaborated as vocalist on Steve Ignorant’s past tours and she has also performed with Ginger Wildheart, The Membranes and more. Describing herself as a ‘seven-fingered pianist’, Carol was born with a rare condition called cleft type symbrachydactyly, which means she has just two fingers on her left hand. The video stars Nashville-based dancer Erik Cavanaugh, who dances up a storm, with his unconventional style and crusade against the stereotype of the ‘dancer’s body’.


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