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Thirteen Stars CD Review 12/5/20

"’Steel Horse’ goes full on Country Rock with plenty of “Yee Haws” for good measure, while, in contrast, ’Keep Calm & Carry On’ fulfils the AOR playlists. This leads us, into the almost Metal sounding Rocker of ‘Razor’s Edge’, duly keeping our devil’s horn hands still raised for ’Break It Down Slowly’, another of the heavier riff laden tracks living in Zeppelin territory, which is the penultimate number to the top tune of this fifteen song collective."

Today read another one of our self-isolating album reviews, as Geoff C. this time gives you his take here on Thirteen Stars new CD 'Finest Ramshackle Jam', which is due to be released on Friday 19th June, plus check out our Video Of The Day. Remember, if you are currently kicking your heels and you fancy doing a self-isolation CD review, then don't be shy, just e-mail us at

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