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The World Doesn't Need You Anyway 18/3/21

Today's Video Of The Day is the dreamy melancholic single, 'The World Doesn't Need You Anyway', recently released on Anomic Records by Leipzig Psych duo, Camel Moon. Co-produced by Hákon Aðalsteinsson (The Brian Jonestown Massacre), Camel Moon is the project of Yannick Siegler and Alexandra Staszewski, who are inspired by bands like The Doors, Velvet Underground and Mazzy Star, as well as Folk and Blues music. The two of them compose and produce their songs by themselves at home or in their rehearsal space, and indeed the video was also filmed by them during lockdown in an old bowling alley. Melancholic chanting, kettledrums and bass form a dramatic sad song that is simultaneously filled with suppressed anger. 

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