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The Woman Who Fell to Earth 12/9/21

In early June, Italian Black/Gothic Metal act Cadaveria released their single, 'The Woman Who Fell to Earth', and the band have now premiered the video for the same track, which is today's Video Of The Day. Shot around an old village in Piedmont, North Italy, among woods and fields, the video was inspired by a shamanic prediction. The images evoke the existence of parallel dimensions and of a multifaceted female presence, at times mysterious, who visits our sick planet to give new energy. Featuring Cadaveria herself on vocals, Kris Laurent (guitar), Pier Gonella (guitar), Peter Dayton (bass) and Marçelo Santos (drums), the Italian musician is famous for being one of the first women to enter the extreme Metal scene in the early 1990's, as former vocalist and keyboard player of the Symphonic Black Metal band Opera IX.

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