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The Tale of Taller Than 21/1/21

Today's Video Of The Day, the thundering ’Nicotine Placebo’, is the first track to emerge from Mike Ross's crowdfunder campaign to restore, remix and release his forgotten 12-track 'Taller Than' album from lost tapes recorded in 1998, but thankfully found during lockdown!Also featuring machine-gun drum flurries from Mike Kelly (latterly of The Mission) and the razor-slice bass work of Mike’s brother Graeme, the single follows in the footsteps of Mike's current solo album release, ’The Clovis Limit Pt.2’, that has earned huge praise from press and fans alike since its release last October. In order to help Mike achieve his final goal of producing a deluxe package, which will include a vinyl album with accompanying CD as well as a unique collection of items such as photographs, reproductions of the original tape track sheets, studio invoices etc., you can show your support here

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