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The Sick And The Depraved 26/4/20

Visceral five-piece Death Metal band Vesicarum release their savage debut EP, 'Reign Of Terror', on Friday 22nd May, of which lead single 'The Sick And The Depraved' is today's Track Of The Day. Bursting at the seams with brutal energy, the Kent band feature frantic, technical riffing; topped off with frontman Glynn Neve’s signature vocal style. The band was originally created in 2016 as a solo project by Glynn, growing in early 2018 to include guitarists Martin Shipton and James Thompson, bassist Orla Blue Reed and drummer Donal McGee.The name, ‘Vesicarum’ - meaning ‘to fester’, is an ode to the sinister nature of the band’s music and central lyrical theme of hatred, featuring darker subjects including serial killers and The Ankou (The Graveyard Watcher).

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