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The Serpent Rings 16/12/19

Supreme British Melodic Hard Rockers Magnum have revealed the release of their stonking 21st studio album, ‘The Serpent Rings’ next month on Friday 17th January on Steamhammer/SPV Records. ‘The Serpent Rings’ is an even more inspired and accomplished body of work than 2018’s utterly outstanding ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ album, which crashed into the Indie Album Chart at number 1 and the UK national album chart at 15 on release. Indeed, the new album contains eleven vibrant new classically melodic Magnum compositions, all displaying a distinctly more powerful, Rock-oriented approach than on the album’s exhilarating predecessor. The all fired up line-up of Tony Clarkin – guitar, Bob Catley – vocals, Rick Benton – keyboards, Dennis Ward – bass and Lee Morris – drums, also can’t wait to hit the road to play live next year on their March/April/May UK & Irish tour that includes Islington's Assembly in London on Saturday 4th April.

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