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The Outlaw Orchestra Take A Bow 31/5/20

Ever-rebellious, Southern Country Rock-influenced, 4-piece powerhouse, The Outlaw Orchestra released their hell-raisin' 10-track debut album ‘Pantomime Villains’ on Friday, and to celebrate, the raucous, roof-raising Outlaws released a lyric video to today's Track Of The Day, ‘Take a Bow’ - one of the tracks you’ll find on this varied and vibrant album. A bundle of foot-stomping fun, the band formed in mid-2016 bringing together David Roux (guitars/lead vocals), Ryan Smith (drums/percussion/vocals), Pete Briley (banjo/lap steel/vocals) and Alex Barter (double bass/vocals). Sounding like they’ve been steeped in moonshine since birth, the band do indeed hail from the Deep South – Great Britain's Southampton, to be precise! Accomplished musicianship, rich in hard Southern and 70's-style Rock plus Cajun, Dixie, Country and even Flamenco, brings the ‘Orchestra’ to the party, whilst their deep-set taste for irreverence, not playing by the rules, rebel hearts and sheer energy bring in the ‘Outlaw’ contingent.

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