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The New Roses CD Review 8/8/19

"Two fine openers in the form of ‘Soundtrack of My Life’, ’Can’t Stop Rock and Roll’ along with the single ‘Down By the River’ kick-start a journey ideal to crank up on your motorway or highway trip, although there’s a break in pace with ‘The Bullet’, a well-crafted Rock ballad. The pace is picked up once again to reach my personal favourite track, ‘Give & Take’, riffing in at track 10, through to the radio friendly ‘Glory Road’ completing this 13-track album. There’s also two acoustic bonus songs revisiting ‘Down By the River’ and ‘Fighting You Leaving Me’."

Read the whole of Geoff C's The New Roses 'Nothin But Wild' CD review here which was released on Friday 2nd August, plus check out today's Video Of Of The Day.

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