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The New Normal 17/2/19

Last month saw the release of ’The New Normal’, the latest solo album by former Alice Cooper guitarist Kane Roberts. Not only does his former boss sing on the new single taken from it, ’Beginning Of The End’ (today's Track Of The Day), but Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy also joins in the fun…. and they both co-star with Roberts in the song's cinematic video. The mini–action movie sees the trio wreaking all sorts of havoc together while singing the propulsive cut. Of all the iconic 1980’s Rock ’N’ Roll in concert images, one of the most memorable is Alice Cooper’s Rambo-alike guitarist and his M-60 machine gun guitar. That musician is Roberts, an accomplished writer and singer in his own right, who went on to record four solo albums (including the ‘Phoenix Down’ project released via Frontiers Music in the late 90’s). ‘The New Normal’ re-introduces a unique artist ready to return to the spotlight. Melding the old and new in Metal on an outstanding album, it is not to be missed.