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The Music Of Cream Review 29/11/18

"Probably the best story of the night was Kofi's revelation that Lewisham's finest wrote 'Pressed Rat and Warthog' whilst on acid. Anyway Kofi's thusly spoken vocals did Ginger proud, not only complemented by Will's neat bit of wah pedal and Mal's bass solo, but also the projection of some sentimental Baker family photos plus one of the loveable, but manic, gap-toothed Ginger with three fags sticking out of his gob. Very funny. To round off a mesmerising first set, the guys extended the Cream family even further to Mal's daughter Maya on vocals, who dispatched 'SWLABR' (She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow) with natural verve."

Read the whole of AJ's The Music Of Cream London Forum Kentish Town gig review from last Sunday here plus check out our photo gallery here.

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