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The Mother Hips Celebrate 30 Years 12/2/21

Legendary Northern California-based Rock 'n' Roll outfit, The Mother Hips, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and in recognition of this career milestone, the band's record label Blue Rose is reissuing each of their ten studios albums on vinyl, including today's Video Of The Day, 'Back To The Grotto'. The series will work its way chronologically through The Mother Hips' discography with one LP released each month, while all proceeds from sales will benefit The Blue Rose Foundation, which provides grants for preschool scholarships to financially disadvantaged children. In only a matter of weeks since being announced, the initial pressings on the first three titles: 1992's 'Back To The Grotto', 1995's 'Part Timer Goes Full' and 1996's 'Shoot Out', have already sold out. In addition to the reissue series, The Mother Hips have commenced work on their 11th studio album, with the support of Blue Rose.

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