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The Lounge Gig Review 3/10/19

"Final co-headliner Collateral, in contrast, are a four piece consisting of drums, electric guitar, bass guitar and a vocalist. With baritone/tenor elements, the singer had a fantastic presence about him and drew the audience in to him at the start of the performance, opening with a number that was well known to his audience and was a signal of intent from the band that they meant business. Musically, brilliant, not a foot wrong with songs moving from one to the other with few stops between numbers. Looking out onto the audience they were drawn into the music and were smiling, singing, nodding heads to the music, hands in the air with “rock” symbols. The introduction of the electro-acoustic guitar was a welcome change in timbre and mood as most of the evening was electric guitar orientated. A good repertoire with a strong following meant this band was one of the highlights of an amazing evening."

Today read the whole of music teacher Chris Higgins' debut gig review here of Saturday night's final date of Piston (pictured) and Collateral's Stand Up, Shout It Out co-headline tour at Archway's The Lounge (formerly Club Kolis) in London, which also saw great support from Sons Of Liberty.


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