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The Human Race Extinction 9/9/18

Progressive Power Metal band Ethernity (Video Of The Day) release their sophomore album 'The Human Race Extinction' this Friday 14th September. Again the band secured the services of highly acclaimed DGM guitarist Simone Mularoni for mix and mastering. The result is a powerful, heavy and strong album, which doesn’t lack melody. Ethernity's already excellent songwriting has matured and reaches a new level with this new piece of work, delivering an apocalyptic concept story. At the same time, all fourteen tracks can stand on their own perfectly, showing a more modern twist to their sound and songwriting, which reminds of greats such as Symphony X and Evergrey at times, reflecting the familiarity and chemistry in the band. Also, the voice of Ethernity, Julie Colin, brings a different kind of female vocals to the table - her raspy and powerful voice adds a special flavour to the band’s sound. There’s much more to come from this highly talented band, be sure about that!

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