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The Hives/The Offspring Wembley Photo Gallery 28/11/21

"Almqvist's aside that "Londoners have seen it all - they don't clap for just anyone" was in retrospect the fuel for the show-stopping 'Hate To Say I Told You So' - never was a song so well constructed for stage diving, scissor kicks, climbing amps ... and that was just the barman ... "What do you think about that London?" Simply classic." That was part of our take on The Hives at London's The Borderline way back in May 2012, and on Friday night at The Wembley Arena, together with headliner's The Offspring, the Swedish Punks once again proved that they are still one of the best live Rock bands in the business, as testified by today's Video Of The Day, plus check out our Photo Gallery below.


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