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The Hammer Finally Falls 15/11/20

Today's Video Of The Day is Friday's release of ‘World On Fire’, Jack J Hutchinson's first single from his next studio album, 'The Hammer Falls'. It's a four-minute slab of Hard Rock that mixes a brutal Sabbath-esque opening riff with a sing along chorus perfectly built for packed venues. The middle 8 takes the track in an unexpected direction, with hints of Floyd, before the band come crashing back in for the finale. The track was recorded in Brazil at the renowned Estúdio Versão Acústica and produced by Lucas Sagaz, who also mixed Hutchinson’s recent live album ‘Who Feeds The Lockdown?’. It was co-written with his band mates Lazarus Michaelides (bass) and Felipe Amorim (drums). The band are currently working on the new album at Momentum Studios in Devon, where Kris Barras Band recorded their last two albums.

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