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The Green Wave 6/10/19

Today's Video Of The Day features Die Grune Welle (The Green Wave) whose new album 'Wirf dein Leben weg!' is out on Friday 1st November. Combining Punk Rock and German Rap, Haiko (vocals, bass), Locke (rap), Alvin (guitar, vocals) and Leon (drums), manage to skillfully add elements from other genres like Indie and Ska to this already explosive mix. And the icing on the cake is saxophonist Lizzy with her cleverly thought out contributions. The lyrics are mainly presented by keeping German Rap parts in the verse and having the chorus in an anthemic and sing-along-like style, which you won’t get out of your head. Always staying true to the Punk Rock ideal, Die Grune Welle sing about (personal) crises of meaning and politics - never slowing down and nonstop straight into the ears of the inclined listener.

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