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The Girl On The Bike Anthology 2/9/19

Well loved favourite of Blues fans across the UK, and a regular on the Blues Festival circuit, Ged Wilson (pictured) releases his new album 'Anthology' today ahead of both his forthcoming appearance at the Poole Blues Festival and his French tour. This accomplished album draws together the finest and most popular tracks from Ged’s three previous albums. Also today, Jenny Wren And Her Borrowed Wings (Video Of The Day) release their new album 'The Girl On The Bike (Are You The Girl On The Bike?)' - their third album - made up of eleven songs with unique and powerful vocals and impressive musicianship. If you enjoy original music, anchored by acoustic Rhythm and Blues, but soaked in the spirit of speakeasys. sing-a-longs and sunrises - then this is a must.

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