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The Eighth Mountain 14/3/19

Rhapsody Of Fire hold a special position in the exciting and multi-faceted world of Heavy Metal. Like few other acts, the band from Italy stands for anthemic symphonic Metal presented with lots of speed, great pathos and technical refinement. At the beginning of their career in particular (at the time still under the shorter moniker of Rhapsody), their songs presented a mythical, album-transcending saga, such as 'Legendary Tales' (1997), 'Symphony Of Enchanted Lands' (1998) and 'Dawn Of Victory' (2000). Rhapsody Of Fire have now returned to the very strengths of those albums. Their latest studio recording 'The Eighth Mountain' released last month (see today's Video Of The Day), sees the band, consisting of Giacomo Voli (vocals), Alex Staropoli (keyboards), Roby De Micheli (guitars), Alessandro Sala (bass) and Manu Lotter (drums), combining spirited songs and epic chorus parts with lavish orchestral arrangements. At the same time, the album marks the beginning of a new, exciting saga that’s typical of Rhapsody Of Fire.


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